ABS Delete R3

HOW-TO: ABS Delete (Yamaha R3)

This video is my attempt at documenting the full process of converting a 2018 Yamaha R3 with ABS to a non-ABS bike.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I would suggest that you take a few minutes to watch my previous ABS delete video. You can access the video here. It covers the “mechanical” aspects of the ABS to non-ABS conversion. This specific video covers the electrical conversion and the removal of the hydraulic unit.

In order to replicate this process, you will need a few parts from Yamaha:

  • Speed Sensor – Part #: 1WD-H3755-00-00 (~$70.00 USD)
  • Spacer, Engine Mount – Part #: 2MS-E5317-00-00 (~$1.00 USD)
  • Bolt, Hexagon Socket Head – Part #: 91312-06016-00 (~$7.00 USD)
  • Wire Harness Assembly – Part #: 2MS-H2590-00-00 (~$200.00U SD)
  • Wire, Minus Lead 1WD-H2116-01-00 (~$8.00 USD)

If you plan on replacing your ECU, I would strongly recommend the aRacer Mini X. I also strongly recommend Norton Motorsports since they will tune the ECU according to the aftermarket parts installed on your bike:

  • aRacer SpeedTek RC Mini X Race ECU (~$500.00 USD)

I am using the Tesa tape to re-tape my harness:

  • Tesa High Heat Harness Tape 51036 (~$8.00 USD)

This process is definitely challenging, you will need to take apart all your body work, remove the tank, and the air box and you’ll need to have a lot of patience to unplug all the various electrical components. As a result, you will no longer need the ABS Hydraulic unit and you will also be able to remove the ABS rings from both the front and rear wheel.

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