Various Fasteners

The Best Quick Release Fasteners for your Race Fairings

Work has been busy this week, and I ended up spending a lot of time on what I thought was going to be a series of quick and easy modifications on the R3 (more on this topic next week). So, I will keep this blog post shorter than usual since most of the content I want to cover is in the video.  

I am sharing my quick fasteners (mis-) adventures, and hopefully, you will benefit from my findings. I’ve tested six different types of quick-release D-ring fasteners. I will reveal the best and most reliable option for your motorcycle fairings. I am talking (and comparing) the following quarter-turn fasteners in the video:  

  • Small D-ring Panex fasteners and riveted plate that came with ShakSkinz fairings  
  • Pro-Bolt Stainless Steel Quick Release D-Ring M6 (Panex rivet plate)  
  • Pro-Bolt Titanium Quick Release D-Ring M6 (Panex rivet plate)  
  • ProBolt Aluminium Quick Release D-Ring M6 (Panex rivet plate)  
  • DZUS D-ring D8 (Panex)  
  • Black Dzus Pro D8 (with the S-Spring receptacle – rivet type)  

I’ll also demonstrate how to mount the S-spring bar with rivets on fiberglass bodywork. 

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