FastFrank- Captive Caliper Bracket

HOW-TO: Install a FastFrank Rear Caliper Bracket on your R3

The Fast Frank Racing Rear Caliper Bracket Kit will greatly simplify the process of changing the rear wheel on your Yamaha R3. With this modification, you will no longer need to get an extra pair of hands or some zip ties to hold the rear caliper in place while you try to slide the wheel in place. The captive bracket kit from FastFrank will ensure that the caliper remains in place while you mount your rear wheel.

The installation process is not very complex, but you need to be confident in your abilities to re-assemble the rear caliper.

Since filming this video, I have had the opportunity to disassemble and re-assemble the wheels a few times on my bike, and I am now able to do a full swap of the rear wheel in about 5 minutes without rushing. Remember that for this process to work flawlessly, you need to have captive wheel spacers and captive chain tensioners (or some sort of homemade solution to keep the chain pullers in place).

This specific unit (R303) will work with the ABS and non-ABS Yamaha YZF-R3.

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