Getting the GaleSpeed Wheels ready for the R3

I am so excited about these GaleSpeed wheels. These aluminium forge wheels are super light compared to the OEM wheels, and they look very sharp. The wheels are impressive, but you also need a few other components before installing them on your bike. In my case, I chose the following parts: 

  • Galfer World Superbike Wave® Rotor for the front wheel 
  • Norton Motorsport rear rotor 
  • B&C Express 415 Sprocket 
  • BRIDGEPORT 2nd Generation 83° Aluminum Racing Angled Valve Stems 
  • Michelin Power Cup EVO tires 
Rear Rotor from Norton Motorsport

Since the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) and the center hole for the sprocket are different than the OEM wheel, it was a bit more challenging to find some 415 sprockets. The folks at B&C Express were fantastic and were able to deliver exactly what I was looking for.  

If you are trying to determine what type of sprockets will work with these wheels, the specifications for GaleSpeed are as follow: 

  • PCD: 100mm 
  • Center hole: 80mm 
  • 6 bolts pattern 
B&C Sprocket – Anodized Black

GaleSpeed includes straight valves with the wheels, but I prefer to have the angled valves since it’s easier to inflate/deflate/measure the pressure. This is why I chose to replace them with the Bridgeport units. GaleSpeed also includes all the fasteners needed to secure the rotors and the sprocket. It would have been nice to have Nylock jam nuts for the sprocket, but I settled for some thread locker on the six sprocket studs. 

The total weight of the rear wheel, including the new components (Norton rotor, valves, fasteners, with the inflated tire and sprocket) is 23 pounds vs. 29.6 pounds for the OEM wheel (and this is slightly lighter since I changed the sprocket to a 415 sprocket, shorter and lighter titanium sprocket studs and I also replaced the OEM rotor with Galfer rotor). The front assembly is 18.6 pounds vs. 21.6 for the OEM unit. This is an overall reduction in unsprung weight of 9.6 pounds!  

You will see in the video that I had some difficulties with the sprocket carrier, but once resolved, everything else was flawless. 

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