HOW-TO: Install a Driven Racing Fuel Cap on your R3

In this video, I document the process of installing a Driven Racing HALO fuel cap (and base).   

If you plan on converting your R3 into a track bike, you need to do this modification! Having a keyless gas cap looks really good, but the main advantage is that you no longer need to have a key to open the gas tank.  You will also reduce the bike’s overall weight since the HALO cap is approximately 25% lighter.  

Replacing the OEM gas cap with an aftermarket keyless unit is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward modification for your bike. The full process of removing the old OEM cap and replacing it with a new gas cap and plate should take you approximately 15-20 minutes.   

You only need a 4mm Allen key with some blue thread locker to do this project.    

Keep in mind that the base and the gas cap are sold separately. You need to buy both items to complete the installation process.  Driven Racing offers a wide selection of colors for the cap, allowing you to match your bike’s color(s).  

I always found it very difficult to deal with Driven Racing. Save yourself some headaches and buy these products directly from your local dealer, STG, or Revzilla. This way, you are guaranteed to get customer service.  

Overall complexity for this type of work is a 1 out of 5. 

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