R3 Weight Reduction – Install a Lithium Battery

Are you trying to reduce the weight of your bike? Replacing the heavy OEM battery with an Antigravity 4 cell lithium battery will allow you to save approximately 5 pounds with minimal effort. The OEM battery weighs 6 pounds, and the 4-cell battery from Antigravity is about 15 ounces. It’s hard to imagine that this small form factor battery has enough cranking power to start the bike! The other advantage of these batteries is their low self-discharge rate of 1-2% per month.

Replacing the OEM battery with the Antigravity battery is a true plug-and-play setup. The battery doesn’t require to be charged when you get it. The biggest challenge for this installation is to secure the battery properly. You can either mount it in a different position/location due to its small form factor. Or, simply leave it in the original battery compartment with the supplied foam strips to make sure your battery will not move.

This battery is ideal for track days. If you use your R3 for daily commuting, I’d recommend the 8-cell option from Antigravity.

Do not charge your lithium battery with a regular lead-acid battery charger. Lithium chargers use different algorithms to charge your LiFePO4 battery. Always use a smart charger that supports the lithium-ion Mode.

So now, you have an excuse to eat more and still maintain the same aggregate weight for the bike and rider. Gotta go… I need a beer and pizza! 😊

How to install a lithium battery on your R3

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