Installing the Ohlins Double Adjustable Rear Shock (YA967) on my YZF-R3

In this video, I am installing the Ohlins Double Adjustable Rear Shock (YA967) – Norton Race Spec on my 2018 Yamaha R3. I’ll show you how to remove the OEM shock, install the YA-967 unit, and I’ll talk about the overall geometry settings for the bike.

I am also replacing the lower bolt holding the shock in place with a Titanium bolt/nut. The overall process is relatively easy; I’d consider this to be a two on a scale of 1 to 5.

You will need approximately 2-3 hours total to complete the work. I am using the Pit Bull jack stands to support the bike and to allow the swingarm to move freely, but you can use regular automotive jack stands if you don’t own a set of Pit Bull stands. 

I am not adjusting the compression and rebound damping, height or preload in this video. I will change the internals of my front suspension before doing any of the fine tuning. I’ll have a follow up video on this topic in the next few weeks.

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