HM Quickshifter Installation on your Yamaha R3

This video is describing the full process to install an HM Quickshifter Plus SS (Seamless Shift) on a Yamaha YZF-R3.

Topics covered: determine the length of the shift rods, adjust the shift rods, how to route the wires, how to test for a reliable grounding spot, how to connect the wires to the ignition coils and the last step will be to test everything and make sure that the QuickShifter can intercept the shift signals.

These quick shifter are great and very reliable since they don’t have any moving parts. They are easy to install and there is no need to do anything to your ECU. The HM Plus SS works in regular shift mode and GP pattern.

This unit offers adjustability for lever sensitivity, so you can adjust for the specifics of your motorbike, gearbox and riding style. And yes, you can use this even if you are not racing and it will provide smooth shifting on your road bike.

Don’t forget to order the proper shift rods when ordering one of these units!

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