• Various Fasteners

    The Best Quick Release Fasteners for your Race Fairings

    Work has been busy this week, and I ended up spending a lot of time on what I thought was going to be a series of quick and easy modifications on the R3 (more on this topic next week). So, I will keep this blog post shorter than usual since most of the content I want to cover is in the video.   I am sharing my quick fasteners (mis-) adventures, and hopefully, you will benefit from my findings. I’ve tested six different types of quick-release D-ring fasteners. I will reveal the best and most reliable option for your motorcycle fairings. I am talking (and comparing) the following quarter-turn fasteners in…

  • Marco holding wires from harness

    HOW-TO: Tidy up the Wiring Harness on your R3

    If you are like me and spend lots of time at the race track, you’ll understand how much easier it is to service your bike when you don’t have a bunch of extra connectors and wires that continuously get in the way when you mount your bodywork.   While researching this topic, I was surprised to see that some racing organizations won’t let the riders modify the OEM harness. I was also surprised to see how many people are reluctant to alter the wiring harness on their bikes – This fear is quite often related to a lack of understanding and knowledge. An additional interesting discovery was that most of the info I found was on websites or YouTube channels that were focusing on building custom bobbers, choppers, and café racers. If track day enthusiasts modify their harnesses, they certainly don’t advertise. All of these revelations were enough for me to start documenting the process of modifying the wiring harness on my Yamaha 2018 YZF-R3.  I definitely had to follow the 80/20 rule for this project. I spent 80% of my time researching, learning, and testing. Doing the actual hands-on work was the easy part.   I first started the project by purchasing a digital version…