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    HOW-TO: Install a Febur Auxiliary Radiator for the Yamaha R3

    In this video, I am documenting the process of installing a Febur secondary radiator for my 2018 Yamaha R3. The installation process is not overly complicated and upon completion, your bike should be running a little bit cooler. When the engine gets too hot, it loses power and causes accelerated engine wear. This auxiliary radiator from Febur should, according to Febur, reduce the operating temperature by a few degrees and will hence improve the performance of the bike. The Febur radiator comes with all the necessary material to complete the job. It includes the hoses required to connect the OEM radiator to the Febur unit and to also route coolant…

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    HOW-TO: R&G Radiator Guard Installation on a Yamaha R6

    This video is documenting the process of installing the R&G Radiator Guard on my 2009 Yamaha R6. The process will be the same for the YZF-R6 from 2006 to 2016. The installation process is fairly easy and can be done in approximately 60-90 minutes (time will vary based on the type of fairings). This is a very inexpensive mod that will protect your radiator from flying debris.

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    Reveal of my Race Ready Yamaha R3

    This is the unveiling of my Race Ready Yamaha YZF-R3. I’ve spent the last few months converting this R3 from it’s stock state to the final product that you will see in this short video. Here’s a list of items that have been added/modified: Bodywork and Cosmetics——————————————-Bodywork: SharkSkinzFasteners: DZUS ProFront fairing stay bracket: SharkSkinzSeat Pad: GravesWindshiled: PuigCustom number platesDecal kits: Moto XPStompgrip tank padsGYTR tank protectorCustom brackets for lower fairing Wheels & Tires————————-Set 1:GaleSpeed GP1STires: Michelin Power Cup EVOBridgeport valve stems Set 2:OEM WheelsTires: Pirelli Diablo RainSpears Enterprise captive wheel spacers Suspension——————–Rear: Ohlins YA967 Norton Racing Race SpecFront: Ohlins NIX22 CartridgesSteering Damper: GPR V5 Controls—————Motion Pro quick throttle Motion Pro…

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    Review & Installation of the RS1 Hit-Air Wearable Airbag Vest

    In this short video, I am explaining how the Hit-Air RS1 airbag vest works and I am also documenting the process of attaching the coiled wire to the frame of the bike. This is a new installation of the coiled wired on my R3 project bike. However, I have been using this airbag system for the last four years. I used this vest with all my race bikes, and I am convinced that this is the optimal setup for track days. I specifically chose this model because you don’t need to charge any batteries. You can re-pack the system yourself in case of an incident (as long as the airbag…

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    HOW-TO: Optimize your Quick Shifter with a Perfect Shift Arm Kit

    The Norton Racing Perfect Shift Arm kit contains a universal shift arm and eight different offset lengths to set the shift arm position exactly where you want it to be. This shit kit will allow you to adjust the clearance and optimized the shift angle. In my opinion, this modification is a must if you installed an aftermarket Quick Shifter and/or upgraded your rearset.  Before installing the Perfect Shift Arm kit, my shift knuckle was at the very edge of the spline, and the module of my HM QuickShifter was almost touching my rearset mounting plate. This kit from Norton Racing allowed me to properly adjust the knuckle, which is now fully seated on the spline.  Additionally, I was able to choose a spacer that extended the distance between…

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    Installing Decals, Stompgrip pads & a Seat on my R3

    In this video, I am documenting the process of installing decals, some Stompgrip tank grips, and a Graves race seat on my Yamaha YZF-R3. Installing decals on a bike is so satisfying! If you take your time and do it right with high-quality decals, you can transform the look of your machine. I love my daily vehicles to have a clean look with very minimal badging and decals, but it’s a different story for my race bikes. I love the vibrant splashes of colors from the decals on race fairings. Installing decals isn’t very difficult once you figure out how to align and center the decals on your bodywork. You…

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    Flash the ECU on your R3 with the Norton Racing Race Spec ECU Flash (FTECU)

    If you want a big performance improvement on your bike, this is the solution! This flash from Norton Racing will result in faster revs, increased torque, and increased top end horsepower. I strongly recommend that you take the time to install the smog block off plates and AIS Removal kit at the same time. After watching this video, If you don’t feel comfortable re-flashing the ECU, you always have the option to mail your ECU to Norton Racing and get them to flash it for you.

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    Configuring and Installing an HM M3 Dash

    The M3 Dash is such a great unit; it will replace your current multi-display and act as a data logger and lap timer. Everything in a tiny unit! You no longer need to figure out how to mount your lap timer on your bike. I really like the predictive lap timer option; it allows you to try different lines on the track, and the display will provide instant feedback letting you know if this change will improve or impact your overall time. The unit is easy to install and comes with a bike-specific adapter and mounting bracket. In the video, you will see how easy it is to configure this…