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    HOW-TO: Install a Quick Throttle Kit on your R3

    Enhance Your Riding Experience with Motion Pro Quick Throttle  When it comes to maximizing the potential of your Yamaha R3 motorcycle, investing in high-quality accessories can make a significant difference in both performance and rider comfort. One such upgrade that many riders opt for is the Motion Pro Quick Throttle. This aftermarket throttle kit offers a range of benefits that can transform your riding experience. From improved throttle response to enhanced control, installing a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on your Yamaha R3 can elevate your motorcycle’s performance to new heights.  The primary reason riders choose to install a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on their Yamaha R3 is the noticeable improvement…

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    Installing a Norton Racing Soft Pull Throttle Return Spring on your R3

    In this video, I am replacing the Throttle return spring on my Yamaha R3 with a Norton Racing Soft Pull Throttle Return Spring. This Spring is softer than the OEM spring and provides a much lighter, easier pull on the throttle when a race throttle system is installed. As a result you will need less force to twist your throttle resulting in a more “gentle” throttle and offering better throttle feel and control. This small change will make a big difference when spending long hours/days on the track. This is a fairly easy modification and shouldn’t take much time to complete. You will be able to feel a BIG difference…