• Scuba Diving in TCI

    Scuba Diving in TCI

    I took a bit of time off last week and went diving in Providenciales with Dive Provo. My overall experience was absolutely amazing. The reefs are very well preserved, and it’s relatively easy to access the dive sites by boat. You will see in the video a brief overview of my last six dives. Equipment used: Basic Dive Stats:

  • GBR-covers

    HOW-TO: Install GB Racing Engine Covers on your Yamaha R3

    The GB Racing engine covers are an extremely valuable part of equipment that will provide the ultimate crash protection for your engine and OEM engine cases. These sacrificial bolt-on pieces are a perfect fit and designed specifically for your bike. The installation process can be done relatively quickly with some basic tools. One of the main advantages of the GB Racing covers is that you do not need to remove your OEM covers. The reverse wear indicator is also a nice touch since it allows you to visually determine if your case is still usable after a crash.