Picture of Marco with a cigar

About me

I was raised in a small town in New-Brunswick and had the same passions since I was a kid: fast vehicles, gadgets, and technology. I am gravitating towards these passions because I enjoy learning new skills and because I love troubleshooting and leveraging technology to resolve problems. 

I currently work in the software industry as a Solutions Consultant. I am a Subject Matter Expert that helps organizations resolve medium to complex digital transformations with the help of Customer Experience and Information Management tools. 

When I have some free time, you can find me on a racetrack in Eastern Canada during the summer months. I hibernate in my garage and fix/modify sportbikes in the winter months. 

I travel extensively, enjoy good wine, cigars, and fine cuisine. I could easily have a dedicated website just for those topics but had to narrow down the topics to make them more interesting for you, the readers, and subscribers. If you want to chat about these topics, please connect with me on social media and send me your favs. 

My passion for bikes

People often ask me why I like motorcycles so much. If you own a bike, you do not ask that question; you understand why you love it. Speed, freedom, friendship & brotherhood, being in the moment, and feeling good and “cool” are some of the most common answers you will hear from my fellow riders. I agree with all of them, but I also personally love the feeling of having a unique bike that I can maintain and repair myself. One of my friends at the track told me I was in a “love story” with my bikes, and he was right. I love those bikes. I invested time, money, and energy in these machines, and I am super proud of the outcome. 

Picture of 2 R6

The journey started with a 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6. My AMAZING girlfriend decided that it was not wise for me to drive like a mad man on the public roads and organized a track day with a private instructor. She created a monster! I was addicted. 

The following summer, I managed to get a few track days, and like most track riders, I crashed my bike and damaged a few components. I quickly learned how to fix the bike and started researching/learning about essential bike maintenance. After this incident, I decided to convert my beloved R6 into a track-only bike. Since I was traveling 5 to 6 days a week for work, I still wanted an opportunity to ride a motorbike when I was at home… Time to buy a new bike. I chose the 2013 Ducati EVO 848. 

Ducati 848 EVO
My 848 EVO

If I fast forward a bit – the following summer, I purchased a used 2008 R6 to be my B bike. I then purchased a YZ250FX in 2016, and I just got a new 2018 R3 in September of 2020. 

YZF-R3 bike
My new project bike – A 2018 YZF-R3

Needless to say, that over the last few years, I’ve accumulated a lot of experiences and memories. I decided it was time to share some of these stories and tips on my website and various social media platforms so that other motorcycle enthusiasts can (hopefully) benefit from my adventures. 

My on-going journey in the tech world

I was fortunate to be introduced to computer programming when I was a small kid. My parents purchased an encyclopedia set, and it was delivered with a ZX81 computer from Timex Sinclair. I hooked everything up to the TV and never looked at the encyclopedias. I was addicted! My uncle taught me about BASIC programming, and I would spend hours writing code. I would spend all my money on tech magazines and game programming books. It did not take long for me to utilize the full 1KB of onboard memory. Fast forward a few years later, and my parents got me a Zenith Computer System, the Z-151 with an 8088 processor. I also had a Toshiba color printer (it took me 14 months to print something in color). I loved it! I could copy floppy disks, I purchased games and even office applications. I enjoyed the games (Leisure Suit Larry, Tetris…), but I realized that I enjoyed solving problems and finding ways to resolve issues other people could not. That was going to be my future… I enrolled in Computer Science and never looked back. 

The other cool stuff

Drones, cameras, computers, home automation, software, phones… I need a full-time job to buy all the cool toys that help me with day-to-day lifehacks and because I love toys. I am still a big kid trapped in the body of an adult. 

But seriously, I often acquire gadgets because I want to automate a task, simplify a process, or make my life easier. Sure… there is a “Cool” factor involved, but if you just buy gizmos to impress your friends, it is not creating a lot of value in your life. 

So, if you see a post about a new gadget on my site, it will be because I firmly believe it can make my life a bit simpler.