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  • Woodcraft Frame Sliders

    HOW-TO: Install Woodcraft Frame Sliders (Yamaha R3)

    Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but it comes with its fair share of risks. When it comes to protecting your beloved two-wheeled machine, installing frame sliders should be high on your priority list. These unassuming accessories can make a world of difference in safeguarding your motorcycle. Accidents happen, and when they involve motorcycles, they can result in expensive repairs. Frame sliders act as a first line of defense, reducing the risk of extensive damage to your bike’s critical components. By taking the brunt of the impact during a fall or slide, frame sliders can save you a significant amount of money in repairs. One of the best things…

  • ABS Delete R3

    HOW-TO: ABS Delete (Yamaha R3)

    This video is my attempt at documenting the full process of converting a 2018 Yamaha R3 with ABS to a non-ABS bike. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would suggest that you take a few minutes to watch my previous ABS delete video. You can access the video here. It covers the “mechanical” aspects of the ABS to non-ABS conversion. This specific video covers the electrical conversion and the removal of the hydraulic unit. In order to replicate this process, you will need a few parts from Yamaha: If you plan on replacing your ECU, I would strongly recommend the aRacer Mini X. I also strongly recommend Norton Motorsports…

  • MotionPro QT kit R3

    HOW-TO: Install a Quick Throttle Kit on your R3

    Enhance Your Riding Experience with Motion Pro Quick Throttle  When it comes to maximizing the potential of your Yamaha R3 motorcycle, investing in high-quality accessories can make a significant difference in both performance and rider comfort. One such upgrade that many riders opt for is the Motion Pro Quick Throttle. This aftermarket throttle kit offers a range of benefits that can transform your riding experience. From improved throttle response to enhanced control, installing a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on your Yamaha R3 can elevate your motorcycle’s performance to new heights.  The primary reason riders choose to install a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on their Yamaha R3 is the noticeable improvement…

  • R&G Rad Guard

    HOW-TO: Install an R&G Radiator Guard on your R3

    When it comes to motorcycle maintenance, riders often prioritize protecting the engine, frame, and other vital components. However, one essential part that is often overlooked is the radiator. The radiator plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal engine temperature, especially during high-performance endeavors like racing on the track. In this post, I will document the process of installing an R&G Radiator Cover to protect the radiator on your R3. Why Install a Radiator Protector? 1. Shielding Against Debris: Riding a motorcycle exposes it to various environmental elements such as dust, stones, and insects. These particles can cause significant damage to the radiator fins, leading to reduced cooling efficiency or even…

  • R3 Brake Upgrade

    Enhancing Braking Performance: Upgrading the Brake System on a Yamaha R3

    When it comes to motorcycles, safety should always be a top priority. One of the most critical components contributing to a rider’s safety is the braking system. While the stock brake system on the Yamaha R3 is adequate for everyday riding, upgrading it with high-performance components can significantly enhance braking performance and overall control. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of upgrading the brake system on a Yamaha R3, specifically through the installation of new HEL braided brake lines, a Brembo P4 caliper, a Brembo RCS15 master cylinder, and disabling the ABS system. Braided Brake Lines: A Step Towards Efficiency and Consistency Replacing the stock rubber brake lines…

  • Velocity Stacks for a Yamaha R3

    HOW-TO: Install Velocity Stacks + Air Box Mod for your Yamaha R3

    In this video, I am documenting the process of installing a new MWR Race Air Filter, the TST velocity stacks, and I am also modifying the side covers of the air box to allow the bike to breathe better. This video does not cover the AIS removal or the installation of smog block-off plates. However, I would strongly recommend that you perform these modifications first if you plan on following along in this video. Installing the TST velocity stacks and an MWR race air filter on a Yamaha R3 can provide several benefits. Velocity stacks are designed to enhance the air intake process by increasing the airflow velocity and reducing…

  • Scuba Diving in TCI

    Scuba Diving in TCI

    I took a bit of time off last week and went diving in Providenciales with Dive Provo. My overall experience was absolutely amazing. The reefs are very well preserved, and it’s relatively easy to access the dive sites by boat. You will see in the video a brief overview of my last six dives. Equipment used: Basic Dive Stats:

  • GBR-covers

    HOW-TO: Install GB Racing Engine Covers on your Yamaha R3

    The GB Racing engine covers are an extremely valuable part of equipment that will provide the ultimate crash protection for your engine and OEM engine cases. These sacrificial bolt-on pieces are a perfect fit and designed specifically for your bike. The installation process can be done relatively quickly with some basic tools. One of the main advantages of the GB Racing covers is that you do not need to remove your OEM covers. The reverse wear indicator is also a nice touch since it allows you to visually determine if your case is still usable after a crash.