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    HOW-TO: Oil Change for a Ducati 848 EVO

    This quick video documents the process of changing the engine oil on my Ducati 848 EVO. Changing the oil on your Ducati 848 should be done at least once per year (or every 12,000 km or 7500 miles). The overall process is very simple and can be completed in less than one hour. Material needed: Engine Oil (recommended viscosity for most climates is SAE 15W-50) Oil Filter (HIFLO FILTRO HF153 or K&N part # KN-153) New crush washer for the drain bolt Paper towels or shop towels Gloves (optional) Tools needed: 5mm Internal (Allen) wrench to remove drain bolt Channellock 209 – 9″ oil filter pliers wrench (or equivalent tool)…

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    Get the Best 415 Chain Tool for your Motorcycle

    I had to do so much research on this topic that I decided it would be a great idea to document my findings. I’ve been relying on my trusted Motion Pro PBR tools for almost a decade now and never thought I’d have to use anything else until I decided to do the 415 chain conversion on my Yamaha R3.   Before I start explaining why the Motion Pro PBR tool wasn’t working, let’s have a quick look at the anatomy of a chain.  No need to memorize all the elements depicted in that picture. The two key measurement units for a chain will be the Pitch and the Width. The Pitch is the distance between the center points of two pins in a link. The Width is the distance between two parallel inner plates.   My…