Reveal of my Race Ready Yamaha R3

This is the unveiling of my Race Ready Yamaha YZF-R3. I’ve spent the last few months converting this R3 from it’s stock state to the final product that you will see in this short video.

Here’s a list of items that have been added/modified:

Bodywork and Cosmetics
Bodywork: SharkSkinz
Fasteners: DZUS Pro
Front fairing stay bracket: SharkSkinz
Seat Pad: Graves
Windshiled: Puig
Custom number plates
Decal kits: Moto XP
Stompgrip tank pads
GYTR tank protector
Custom brackets for lower fairing

Wheels & Tires
Set 1:
GaleSpeed GP1S
Tires: Michelin Power Cup EVO
Bridgeport valve stems

Set 2:
OEM Wheels
Tires: Pirelli Diablo Rain
Spears Enterprise captive wheel spacers

Rear: Ohlins YA967 Norton Racing Race Spec
Front: Ohlins NIX22 Cartridges
Steering Damper: GPR V5

Motion Pro quick throttle
Motion Pro small control
Pazzo Racing Clutch Lever
Woodcraft keyless ignition
Woodcraft 3-piece Split Clip-Ons
Norton Racing Soft Pull Throttle Return Spring
Sato Racing Rear Set
HM M3 Dashboard
LighTech lever guard
HM Plus SS – Quick Shifter
Norton Racing Perfect Shift Arm Kit

Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch
Spears Enterprise Detent Spring

Rear brake delete kit
Front caliper: Brembo P4
Spears Racing bracket for front caliper
Titanium fasteners from ProBolt
HEL Brake Lines
Master Cylinder: Brembo RCS15
SpeedBleeder Valves
Galfer Brake Rotor for front wheel
Norton Racing Brake Rotor for back wheel

Modified (and simplified harness)
Flash the ECU with Norton Racing ECU (with bench side FTECU)
Antigravity battery

Exhaust, Intake & Cooling
Modified Air Box
Akrapovic Racing Line Full System Exhaust
MWR Air filter
Samco Radiator Hose Kit
Overflow and Breather hose from Samco
Motion Pro Coolant Recovery System
Spears Enterprise Radiator Guard
Vance and Hines O2 Sensor Port Plug
TST Velocity Stacks
TST WORX Smog Block Off Plate

Sprockets and final drive
D.I.D 415 chain
SuperLite – Front Sprocket
B & C Express – Rear sprockets
TST Captive Chain Adjusters
TST GP Lifter Kit
R6 Locking nut for front sprocket

Womet Tech frame sliders
Woodcraft front fork sliders
Hit-Air – Airbag vest
GB Racing engine covers

Oil: Motul 300V 10W-40
Brake Fluid: Motul RBF660
Chain Lube: Motul C4 Factory Line
Cooling Fluid: Motul MoCool
Oil Filter: K&N
Oil cap: LighTech
Gas cap: Driven Racing
Spears Enterprise high pressure radiator cap
Gas: Petro-Canada – Ultra 94

Geek during the day, wine and cigar aficionado in the evening. You can find me on a race track in the summer time and wrenching on motorcycles during the winter months.