MotionPro QT kit R3

HOW-TO: Install a Quick Throttle Kit on your R3

Enhance Your Riding Experience with Motion Pro Quick Throttle 

When it comes to maximizing the potential of your Yamaha R3 motorcycle, investing in high-quality accessories can make a significant difference in both performance and rider comfort. One such upgrade that many riders opt for is the Motion Pro Quick Throttle. This aftermarket throttle kit offers a range of benefits that can transform your riding experience. From improved throttle response to enhanced control, installing a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on your Yamaha R3 can elevate your motorcycle’s performance to new heights. 

The primary reason riders choose to install a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on their Yamaha R3 is the noticeable improvement in throttle response. The stock throttle on the Yamaha R3 may feel slightly sluggish, but the Motion Pro Quick Throttle provides a shorter twist motion, allowing for quicker and more precise throttle inputs. This increased responsiveness translates to improved acceleration, making it easier to navigate through traffic, execute overtakes, and effortlessly control your speed. Whether you’re riding on the street or taking your Yamaha R3 to the track, the Motion Pro Quick Throttle ensures a more engaging and dynamic riding experience. 

The amount of throttle twist is determined by the various cams that come with the kit. The cam size determines the amount of wrist movement required to achieve a specific throttle opening. By selecting different cam sizes, riders can customize the throttle response according to their preference and riding style. Larger cams reduce the required wrist movement, resulting in quicker throttle response, ideal for riders seeking a more aggressive and responsive feel. On the other hand, smaller cams require more wrist movement, providing a smoother and more gradual throttle response, suitable for riders who prefer a more relaxed and predictable throttle feel. Therefore, choosing the appropriate cam size within the Motion Pro Quick Throttle kit allows riders to tailor the throttle response to their liking, optimizing control and overall riding experience on the Yamaha R3. 

My favorite reel for the track is the RR (RoadRace), or progressive cam, since it allows the throttle to act like a sensitive, long twist throttle during the initial small throttle openings for precise control and then acts like a more aggressive short twist throttle at large throttle openings, progressively shortening the amount of twist needed to reach full throttle. 

The Motion Pro Quick Throttle is a relatively affordable upgrade, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking to enhance their motorcycle’s performance without breaking the bank. 

It is important to be aware that when considering the installation of a Motion Pro Quick Throttle on your Yamaha R3, there are three different versions of the throttle kit available: Rev 2, Rev 2.1, and Rev 3. While all three versions are designed to work with the Yamaha R3, it is crucial to note that the parts of one kit may not be compatible or interchangeable with the other versions. Each version has its own unique design and specifications, which means that the parts within each kit are specifically tailored for that particular version. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you select the correct version of the Motion Pro Quick Throttle kit for your bike to ensure a seamless installation process and to fully enjoy the advantages and improved performance that this upgrade brings. Taking the time to verify compatibility will help you make an informed decision and enhance your riding experience on the Yamaha R3. 

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